Railroad maintenance in the area of stevedoring JSC ‘Klaipedos Smelte’

In December 2020 JSC ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’ performed railroad maintenance in the area of stevedoring JSC ‘Klaipedos Smelte’. JSC ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’  replaced the structure of 34.60 m long railroad switch. The work on the busy and strategically important railway section was performed operatively and of high quality.  Short railroad switch replacement video is uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP5S3ec4Vks

2020 JSC ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’ performed reconstruction and railway development works in the company’s own infrastructure:

– On 11th December 2020, reconstruction of railway no. 511, no. 512 and no. 513.

– On 18th December 2020, construction of two new railway lines no. 521 and no. 522 of a total length of 641 m.



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