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Profound ‚Gargzdu gelezinkelis‘ history of almost 60 years is the most evident outcome of company’s long-term development strategy.

„Gargzdu gelezinkelis“

Our values are safety, reliability and efficiency.

We aim to ensure the best quality; hence we collaborate with the partners that distinguish themselves through their long-term goals and effectiveness.

Our goals:

  • Sustainable growth strategy;
  • New logistics solutions development;
  • Long term and win-win partnership establishment;
  • Latest safety measures and technologies implementation

Key JSC ‚Gargzdu gelezinkelis‘ business areas:

  • Rail freight transport;
  • Railroad construction, repair and maintenance;
  • Repair and technical service of locomotives.
main line locomotives
km of privately - owned railway infrastructure
million euros turnover in 2021

Company's history

  1. In 1961, a railway line was built in Gargzdai in order to supply the Gargzdai construction materials plant with raw inputs and to transport the manufactured products.

  2. In 1979, the railway division was separated and the Gargzdai inter-branch industrial railway transport company was established.

  3. In 1991, the Gargzdai state-owned industrial railway transport company passed under Lithuanian jurisdiction and became a state-owned company.

  4. In 1993, the Gargzdai state-owned company was privatised and the Private Limited Liability company ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’ was established. Arunas Griksas, who worked as a chief engineer in the Gargždai state industrial railway transport company before the privatisation took place, became the director of JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’.

  5. In 2003, a qualification certificate was granted to JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis that permitted them to be a construction contractor of the special railway structures.

  6. In 2008, JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’ acquired a license for railway freight transportation in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

  7. In 2012, the maintenance of rolling stock certificate was issued to JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’.

  8. At the end of 2016, the company joined the JSC BIRIU KROVINIŲ TERMINALAS group.

  9. In 2018, JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’ acquired a license for rail freight transportation via international railway routes.

  10. In 2019, a certificate of a rolling stock maintenance operations was issued to JSC ‘Gargzdų gelezinkelis’.

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