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Shunting services

Railway shunting operations.
Shunting is one of the company’s key activities.

Shunting services are provided to the port stevedoring companies, as well as industrial, agriculture, construction and railroad construction companies, which transport raw materials or products via railways.

  • Rimku st. station - Gargzdai;
  • Rimkų st. station - acccess roads;
  • Draugystės st. station - Nemunas Road (southern part of Klaipeda Seaport);
  • Joniškio st. station – access roads;
  • Joniškio st. station – access roads;

Freight transportation

Railway freight transport

In the near future we are planning to operate all types of freight transportation. In preparation for this, we have main line locomotives 2TE116 ready for this provision.

We aim to transport the below listed type of rolling stock by rail:

  • semi-trailers;
  • hoppers;
  • covered wagons;
  • tanks;
  • containers;
  • standard platforms;
  • fitting platforms, etc.

Locomotive rental services

Shunting locomotives rental services

The below listed types of rental locomotives are available in our fleet: 

  • TGM3;
  • TGM4;
  • TGM6;
  • TEM2.

Qualified specialists at ‚Gargzdu gelezinkelis‘ provide technical maintenance services for the rented locomotives.


Rolling stock repair services

Maintenance and repair of rolling stock

We perform maintenance and repair services of shunting locomotives.
Shunter maintenance and repair activity has been certified by the State Railway Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Types of repair works performed at ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’:

  • locomotive maintenance;
  • current repair of locomotives;
  • overhaul of locomotives.

Services can be provided at:

  • the locomotive operation area within the territory owned by the customer;
  • locomotive repair depot in Gargždai.

We provide a warranty for the services provided at JSC ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’.


Storage of rolling stock

We provide railway rolling stock storage within JSC ‘Gargzdu gelezinkelis’ premises located in company’s infrastructure in Gargzdai.


Construction of railways

Construction of railways
Railway infrastructure construction services.
Repair and maintenance of railways
Repair and maintenance services of railway infrastructure.
Railway design
Railway infrastructure design


Freight handling

Unloading, loading and storage of cargo.

We perform bulk cargo handling services on the company’s elevated railway track, using the available loading equipment, railway infrastructure and territory.

We also provide these services within the infrastructure of other companies.

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